The Abscissa and Ordinate of the Origin Are - Mathematics

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The abscissa and ordinate of the origin are


  • (0, 0)

  • (1, 0)

  • (0, 1)

  • (1 , 1)

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As we know that:

The distance of a point from y−axis is called its x−coordinate or abscissa.

The distance of a point from x−axis is called its y−coordinate or ordinate.

The coordinate axes divide the plane into four equal parts which are known as quadrants.

The point of intersection of the coordinate axes is called the origin and the coordinates of origin are (0,0)

The origin is shown in the graph 

Concept: Coordinate Geometry
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RD Sharma Mathematics for Class 9
Chapter 8 Co-ordinate Geometry
Exercise 8.2 | Q 2 | Page 7

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