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‘Thar Desert Region Remains Dry in the Whole Season’. - Geography

Short Note

‘Thar desert region remains dry in the whole Season’.

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Reasons for the dryness of Thar desert region: The entire region of Thar desert of the Indian Union remains practically dry because there is no transverse mountain range to check the monsoon which directly advances towards the Kashmir Himalayas. Of course, there is mountain range in Rajasthan, namely the Aravalli hills but they stretch South-west to north-east , direction. Thus, the Aravalli Hills are roughly parallel to the Arabian Sea Monsoon. This is why it does not prove an effective barrier and the Thar region lies in the rain shadow area of these hills for the Bay of Bengal branch of the monsoons coming from the Sea.

Concept: Seasons –March to May – Summer
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ICSE ICSE Class 10 Geography
Chapter 3 The Climate of India
Give Reasons | Q 33
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