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Ten Thousand Litres of Hard Water Was Made Soft with Zeolite. the Exhausted Zeolite Required a Total Amount of 8 Lit of Nacl Solution Containing 150 Gm per Litre for Regeneration. Calculate the - Applied Chemistry 1

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Answer in Brief

Ten thousand litres of hard water was made soft with zeolite. The exhausted zeolite required a total amount of 8 lit of NaCl solution containing 150 gm per litre for regeneration. Calculate the hardness of water.

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1 litre of NaCl solution                     =   150 gm of NaCl

∴  8 litres of NaCl                             = Bx 150gm of NaCI

                                                          = 1200 gm of NaCl

Quantity of NaCl in terms ofCaCO3 = `1200xx 50/58.5` gm of CaCO3 equivalent

equivalent hardness

                                                        = 1,025.64 gm ofCaCO3 equivalent

                                                        = 1. 0256 x 103 CaCO3 equivalent

                                                        = 1.0256 x 106 CaCO3 equivalent.

Hardness of 10,000 litres of water   = `1,0256 xx 10^6 `mg

∴ Hardness of 1 litres                      `=(1.026 xx 10^6) /10000`102.6 mg/lit

∴ Hardness of water                    =   102.6ppm

Concept: Hardness of Water
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