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Ten Dollars Are Too Much to Pay for a Pen. the Water Polo Team Have Won the State Championship for the Second Time. that Skier is One of Those Who Competes Nationally. - English Language

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Find out the sentence/s which is/are written correctly.

  1. Ten dollars are too much to pay for a pen.
  2. The water polo team have won the state championship for the second time.
  3. That skier is one of those who competes nationally.
  4. I can not be calm on roller coasters.


  • I, II, III

  • II, III, IV

  • I, III, IV

  • None of these

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I. 'Ten dollars' is a sum of money considered as singular. So the verb should be 'is'
II. 'Team' is a collective noun considered singular. So, the verb should be 'has won'.
III. The verb 'competes' is not in agreement with its subject 'those'.
IV. The sentence is correct. No option contains only IV as the correct one.
Therefore, None of these is the correct option.

Concept: Incorrect/Correct Sentences (Entrance Exams)
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