Solution - Temperature Dependence of the Rate of a Reaction



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The rate constant for the first-order decomposition of H2O2 is given by the following equation:


Calculate Ea for this reaction and rate constant k if its half-life period be 200 minutes.

(Given: R = 8.314 JK–1 mol–1)


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The decomposition of hydrocarbon follows the equation = (4.5 × 1011 s−1) e−28000 K/T

Calculate Ea.

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(b) Rate constant ‘k’ of a reaction varies with temperature ‘T’ according to the equation:


Where Ea is the activation energy. When a graph is plotted for `logk Vs. 1/T` a straight line with a slope of −4250 K is obtained. Calculate ‘Ea’ for the reaction.(R = 8.314 JK−1 mol−1)

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