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Take Three Test-tubes. Fill 3/4th of Each with Water. Label Them A, B and C. Keep a Snail in Test-tube A, a Water Plant in Test-tube B and in C, Keep Snail and Plant Both. Which Test-tube Would Have the Highest Concentration of Co2? - Science

Take three test-tubes. Fill 3/4th of each with water. Label them A, B and C. Keep a snail in test-tube A, a water plant in test-tube B and in C, keep snail and plant both. Which test-tube would have the highest concentration of CO2?

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Solution 1

Test-tube A will have the highest concentration of CO2 because snail will take in oxygen and gives out CO2. In test-tubes B and C, the CO2 will be utilized by the water plant for synthesizing food and hence there will be less concentration of CO2 in these.

Solution 2

Test tube A will have the highest concentration of CO2. This is because test tube A contains snail. Snail is an organism that breathes in O2 and breathes out CO2. Hence, CO2 concentration increases in test tube A.

Test tube B contains a water plant, which takes in CO2 for food synthesis and gives out O2. Hence, more O2 concentration is found in test tube B.

Test tube C contains both a snail and a plant. The CO2 produced by the snail is utilized by the plant for its food synthesis and the O2 released by the plant is utilized by the snail for respiration.

Therefore, test tube A has the highest concentration of CO2.

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NCERT Class 7 Science
Chapter 10 Respiration in Organisms
Q 4 | Page 118
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