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T, S and R Are Three Brothers. T'S Son Q is Married to K and They Have One Child Rahul. M, the Son of S is Married to H and this Couple is Blessed with a Daughter Madhvi. R Has a Daughter N Who is Mar - Logical Reasoning


T, S and R are three brothers. T's son Q is married to K and they have one child Rahul. M, the son of S is married to H and this couple is blessed with a daughter Madhvi. R has a daughter N who is married to P. couple has one daughter Karuna. How is Madhvi related to S?


  • Daughter

  • Niece

  • Granddaughter

  • None of these

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According to the question,

⊕ → Male member
Θ → Female member
↔ → Married Couple
From the above generation tree, we see that Madhvi is the granddaughter of S.

Concept: Blood Relationships (Entrance Exam)
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