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Suppose You Are a Resident of a Village, Suggest a Few Measures to Tackle the Problem of Poverty. - Economics

Answer in Brief

Suppose you are a resident of a village, suggest a few measures to tackle the problem of poverty.

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Being a resident of a village, I would suggest the following measures to tackle the problem of poverty:

1. Identification of poor.

2. Generating employment opportunities for the identified poor.

3. Free access to education and health care facilities.

4. Establishment of small scale industries.

5. Redistribution of income-earning assets.

6. Encouraging poor for their active participation

7. Organising Training Camps and Night Classes for imparting vocational training to unskilled labourers.

8. Advancing financial and technical assistance to establish small enterprises.

9. Upgradation of agricultural practices to raise productivity

10. Enforcement of measures to check population growth.

11. Development of infrastructure.

12. Motivating the poor to acquire skills, information and knowledge.

Concept: Causes Poverty
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NCERT Class 12 Economics - Indian Economic Development
Chapter 4 Poverty
Exercise | Q 10 | Page 79
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