Suppose You Are Given a Circle. Give a Construction to Find Its Centre. - Mathematics


Suppose you are given a circle. Give a construction to find its centre.



The below given steps will be followed to find the centre of the given circle.

Step1. Take the given circle.

Step2. Take any two different chords AB and CD of this circle and draw perpendicular bisectors of these chords.

Step3. Let these perpendicular bisectors meet at point O. Hence, O is the centre of the given circle.

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Chapter 10: Circles - Exercise 10.3 [Page 176]


NCERT Mathematics Class 9
Chapter 10 Circles
Exercise 10.3 | Q 2 | Page 176

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Draw different pairs of circles. How many points does each pair have in common? What is the maximum number of common points?

If two circles intersect at two points, prove that their centres lie on the perpendicular bisector of the common chord.

Fill in the blank:

All points lying inside/outside a circle are called .................. points/ .....................points.

true or false 

Line segment joining the centre to any point on the circle is a radius of the circle,

Give a method to find the centre of a given circle.

A circular park of radius 40 m is situated in a colony. Three boys Ankur, Amit and Anand are sitting at equal distance on its boundary each having a toy telephone in his hands to talk
to each other.

Prove that any three points on a circle cannot be collinear.

Choose the correct alternative: 
If the points, A, B, C are non-collinear points, then how many circles can be drawn which passes through points A, B, and C? 

In the above figure, the circles with P, Q, and R intersect at points B, C, D, and E as shown. Lines CB and ED intersect in point M. Lines are drawn from point M to touch the circles at points A and F. Prove that MA = MF. 

Four alternative answers for the following question is given. Choose the correct alternative.

How many circles can drawn passing through three non-collinear points?

How many circles can be drawn passing through a point?

Through three collinear points a circle can be drawn.

ABCD is such a quadrilateral that A is the centre of the circle passing through B, C and D. Prove that ∠CBD + ∠CDB = `1/2`∠BAD

Find the value of y, if the points A(3, 4), B(6, y) and C(7, 8) are collinear.


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