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Suppose White Light Falls on a Double Slit but One Slit is Covered by a Violet Filter (Allowing λ = 400 Nm). Describe the Nature of the Fringe Pattern Observed. - Physics

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Suppose white light falls on a double slit but one slit is covered by a violet filter (allowing λ = 400 nm). Describe the nature of the fringe pattern observed.

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The violet filter will allow only violet light to pass through it. Now, if the double slit experiment is performed with the white light and violet light, the fringe pattern will not be the same as obtained by just using white light as the source. To have interference pattern, the light waves entering from the slits should be monochromatic. So, in this case, the violet light will superimpose with only violet light (of wavelength 400 nm) in such a way that the bright bands will be of violet colour and the minima will be completely dark.

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HC Verma Class 11, 12 Concepts of Physics 1
Chapter 17 Light Waves
Short Answers | Q 11 | Page 379
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