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The ratio of the sum use of n terms of two A.P.’s is (7n + 1) : (4n + 27). Find the ratio of their mth terms


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 Show that a1, a… , an , … form an AP where an is defined as below

an = 3 + 4n

Also find the sum of the first 15 terms in each case.

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[Hint: number of rungs = 250/25 ]

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In an AP

Given a3 = 15, S10 = 125, find d and a10.

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Find the sum of the following APs.

− 37, − 33, − 29 ,…, to 12 terms

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How many terms of the A.P. 27, 24, 21, .... should be taken so that their sum is zero?

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