Suggest two measures to increase the number of birds. - English Communicative

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Suggest two measures to increase the number of birds.



Environment includes flora and fauna in which birds are also an important parts. There are several ways or measures to increase the member of birds. Few of them are:

  • Restore natural habitat in your locality. City parks and open space can be helpful.
  • Plant more native which provides food, nest sides and cover for birds.
  • Prevent bird collision with your windows as the reflection of your windows might confuse them.
  • Stop kite - flying during Sankrant.
  • Buy bird - friendly products which do not harm them by any means.
  • Keep grains and water in your balcony for them.
  • Keep cleanliness and do not litter.
  • Protect birds from your pets.
  • Avoid chemicals usage or pesticides on plants as birds eat them.
  • Support bird club or other conservation organisation to learn more and contribute towards protecting birds.
  • Learn hunting laws and create awareness among people.
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