Suggest Three Contraceptive Methods to Control the Size of Human Population, Which is Essential for the Health and Prosperity of a Country. State the Basic Principle Involved in Each. - Science

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Suggest three contraceptive methods to control the size of human population, which is essential for the health and prosperity of a country. State the basic principle involved in each.

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Barrier method:- In this method, the fertilisation of the ovum and the sperm is prevented with the help of barriers such as a condom.

Oral contraceptive method:- In this method, tablets or drugs are taken orally to prevent fertilisation.

Implants and surgical methods:- Contraceptive devices, such as a loop and a copper-T rod, are placed in the uterus to prevent pregnancy. However, they can cause side effects to the uterus.

Some surgical methods such as vasectomy (blocking of the vas deferens in the male body to prevent the transfer of sperms) and tubectomy (blocking of fallopian tubes in the female body to prevent the egg from reaching the uterus) can also be used to block the gamete transfer.

Concept: Human Reproductive System
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2015-2016 (March) Delhi Set 1

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