Suggest at least 10 solutions for preservation of the sources of history. - History and Political Science

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Long Answer

Suggest at least 10 solutions for preservation of the sources of history.

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History gives us a chronological, scientific and systematic account of past events while material sources (e.g. monuments, caves etc.) written sources (e.g. travelogues, inscriptions etc.) and oral sources (e.g. folk songs, powadas etc.) help in the reconstruction of past history. Following are some of the solutions which can help in the preservation of the sources of history:

  1. Having a sense of belongingness towards the various art forms, customs, traditions, paintings, monuments, etc., created by our ancestors is the most important thing which is needed for the preservation of sources of history. One can develop this sense of belongingness by knowing the historical significance of various sources. 
  2. While visiting any historical site, one should abide by the rules and regulations laid down by the organisations or institutes (for e.g., The Archaeological Survey of India or INTACH) which take care of those sites.
  3. An unbiased approach towards the writing of history will enable in preserving the authenticity of the historical events.
  4. Certain oral sources of history like folk songs, owis, powadas, etc. should be collected and preserved.
  5. Certain written sources of history should be reprinted so that it can be used in future for research. 
  6. Certain photographs or audio-video cassettes, with the help of new technology should be recovered so that it can be used as a source of history.
  7. Efforts should be taken to learn the ancient extinct scripts like Brahmi and Modi, in order to enable one to reconstruct the history of our past. 
  8. ‘Heritage Walks’ should be organised regularly.
  9. Through the medium of speeches, discussions, street play; the common people should be made aware. 
  10. In order to create awareness among teachers and students in schools and colleges, ‘heritage club’ should be established. Also, awareness workshops should be conducted for them.
Concept: Heritage
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