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Such Jokes Do Not Give Me Any Amusement. Such Jokes Do Not Amuse Me. He Put up a Brave Fight. He Fought Bravely. - English Language



Observe the following sentence where same word indifferent form is used keeping the sense of the sentence the same. In the following question, the sentence has some elements of similarity. You have to find out the similarity and choose the option which is the odd one out.


  • Such jokes do not give me any amusement.
    Such jokes do not amuse me.

  • He put up a brave fight.
    He fought bravely.

  • Her failure disappointed her.
    She failed and it disappointed

  • The boy gave a prompt answer.
    The boy answered promptly.


The remaining sentence show how one part of speech is interchanged with another but the meaning of the sentence remains the same.

Concept: Incorrect/Correct Sentences (Entrance Exams)
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