Solution - With a Neat Labelled Diagram, Show that All Harmonics Are Present in an Air Column Contained in a Pipe Open at Both The Ends. Define End Correction. - Study of Vibrations of Air Columns



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With a neat labelled diagram, show that all harmonics are present in an air column contained in a pipe open at both the ends. Define end correction.


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A pipe which is open at both ends is 47 cm long and has an inner diameter 5 cm. If the speed of sound in air is 348 m/s, calculate the fundamental frequency of air column in that pipe.

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The value of end correction for an open organ pipe of radius 'r' is .........................

  1. 0.3 r
  2. 0.6 r
  3. 0.9 r
  4. 1.2 r
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