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Study the Picture Shown and Answer the Questions that Follow: - History and Civics

One Line Answer
Short Note

Study the picture shown and answer the questions that follow:

(i) Identify the organization associated with the given emblem.
(ii) Where is the headquarters of this organization located? Name the principal organs of this organization.

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(i) The organization associated with the above emblem is the United Nations Organizations.
(ii) The headquarter of this organization is located in New York city. The six principal organs of U. N. are:
The General Assembly, The Secerity Council, The International Court of Justice, The Economic and Social Council Trusteeship Council and The Secretariat.

Concept: General Assembly, the Security Council, and the International Court of Justice
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ICSE ICSE Class 10 History and Civics
Chapter 21 The United Nations Principal Organs – Composition and Functions
Picture Based Questions | Q 1
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