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Students in a School Listened to the News Read in the Morning Assembly that the Mountain of Garbage in Delhi Suddenly Exploded and Various Vehicles Got Buried Under It Suggest Two Measures to Manage the Garbage We Produce.And and as an Individual, What Can We Do to Generate the Least Garbage? Give Two Points. and List Two Values the Teacher Instilled in His Student in this Episode. - Science

Students in a school listened to the news read in the morning assembly that the mountain of garbage in Delhi suddenly exploded and various vehicles got buried under it. Several people were also injured and there was traffic jam all around. In the brain storming session the teacher also discussed this issue and asked the students to find out a solution to the problem of garbage. Finally they arrived at two main points -one is self management of the garbage we produce and the second is to generate less garbage at individual level.

1) Suggest two measures to manage the garbage we produce.

2) As an individual, what can we do to generate the least garbage? Give two points.

3) List two values the teacher instilled in his student in this episode.

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1) The measures that can be undertaken to manage the garbage we produce are:

  • Sorting of waste materials as biodegradable and non biodegradable can help in reducing the menace of waste management. Biodegradable materials can be used for making compost, manure etc. while non biodegradable materials may be used in other forms or recycled.
  • One should follow the principle of 3 R's, which is Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. All the non-biodegradable products that we use should pass through these three stages and only then should go into waste.

2) As an individual we can help in solving this problem with the help of following steps:

  • Use of plastic in any form should be discouraged. For example, disposable products like plastic cups, cans, plastic bags, etc. should be used minimally.
  • Most of the kitchen waste can be used for making compost that can be used in potted plants and fields for increasing the soil fertility.


  • Through this exercise, the teacher instilled a sense of responsibility towards the environment in the students.
  • He also made them aware of how we can handle any environmental issue at an individual as well as community level.


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