Maharashtra State BoardSSC (English Medium) 6th Standard
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Students Planted Trees in 5 Villages of Sangli District. Make a Bar Graph of this Data. (Scale: on Y-axis, 1cm = 100 Trees) - Mathematics


Students planted trees in 5 villages of Sangli district. Make a bar graph of this data. (Scale: on Y-axis, 1cm = 100 trees)

Name of place Dudhgaon Bagni Samdoli Ashta Kavathepiran
No. of trees planted 500 350 600 420 540
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Steps to draw the bar graph:

(1) In the centre of the graph paper, write the title "Places and number of trees planted".

(2) Draw the X-axis and Y-axis, and mark O, their point of intersection.

(3) Write the name of the places on the X-axis at equal distances.

(4) The number of trees planted is taken on the Y-axis.

(5) Write the scale in the top right-hand corner i.e. 1 cm = 100 trees on the Y-axis.

(6) Draw a bar of the appropriate height above the name of each place on the X-axis.

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Balbharati Mathematics 6th Standard Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 6 Bar Graphs
Practice Set 19 | Q 5 | Page 39
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