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'Steelo Ltd.' decided to set-up its steel manufacturing factory in the backward area of Orissa where very less job opportunities were available. People of that area welcomed this effort of 'Steelo Ltd.' To attract people to work in its factory it also decided to provide many other facilities like school. hospital. market etc. in the factory premises. 'Steelo Ltd.' started earning huge profits. Another competing company asked its production manager 'Aslam' to investigate the reasons of earning huge profits by 'Steelo Ltd.' Aslam found that in both the companies there was systematic coordination among the various activities to achieve organisational goals. Every employee knew who was responsible and accountable to whom. The only difference was that in his organisation communication took place only through the scalar chain whereas 'Steelo Ltd.' was allowing flow of communication in all the directions as per the requirement which lead to faster spread of information as well as quick feedback.

a. Identify the type of organisation which permits 'Steelo Ltd.' the flow of communication in all the directions.
b. State another advantage of the type of organisation identified in (a) above.
c. State any two values which 'Steelo Ltd.' wanted to communicate to the society


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Solution for concept: Structure of Organisation. For the courses CBSE (Arts), CBSE (Commerce), CBSE (Science)