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Statements: Should Judicial Activism Be Discouraged? Argument I: No, It Would Lead to Executive Dictatorship Argument Ii: Yes, Judiciary Should Stay in the Constitutional Limits - Logical Reasoning


The question below is followed by arguments. Choose the most appropriate choice from the options given.

Statements: Should Judicial Activism be discouraged?

Argument I: No, it would lead to executive dictatorship

Argument II: Yes, Judiciary should stay in the constitutional limits


  • Argument I is strong

  • Argument II is strong

  • Both the arguments are strong

  • Both the arguments are weak

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Both the arguments are weak


Both the arguments given in the question are weak. Judicial activism leading to executive dictatorship is an exaggeration of the situation. Similarly, ‘Judiciary should stay in constitutional limits’ is not reason enough. Why it should stay within constitutional limits or what effects it will have are not mentioned, making it a weak argument. Hence, 'Both the arguments are weak' is the correct.

Concept: Critical Reasoning (Entrance Exam)
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