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Statements: I. Cheese is Bad for People with High-cholesterol. Ii. Sumeet Does Not Eat Cheese. - Logical Reasoning

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The following question comprise of one or more statement. Answer the question on the basis of the given statement(s). Accept the factual assumptions required by the question, even if you believe that the statement is false.


I. Cheese is bad for people with high-cholesterol.

II. Sumeet does not eat cheese.

Assuming that (i) and (ii) are true, which of the following statement follows?


  • Sumeet has high-cholesterol

  • Cheese is bad for Sumeet

  • People with high-Cholesterol do not eat cheese

  • None of the above

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None of the above


It has given the answer as 'People with high-Cholesterol do not eat cheese', but it does not follow from the question. It is incorrect as the given statements just say that cheese is bad for people with high cholesterol. It doesn’t tell us whether people with high cholesterol eat it or not. It is possible that high cholesterol patients, despite knowing that it is bad for them, still eat it because they like it or are simple unaware of its ill effects and so eat it. May mean that probably he doesn’t like it or doesn’t eat it for some other reason, not necessarily that he has high cholesterol or it is bad for him respectively. Hence, 'None of the above' is the correct answer.

Concept: Critical Reasoning (Entrance Exam)
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