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Statement: to Attend a Convocation Ceremony Scheduled to Be Held on Thursday at Gm University, Chennai, Mr. X Left for Chennai on Tuesd Ay by Train. - Logical Reasoning

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Read the following information carefully and choose the most appropriate option:

In the question, there is a statement and two assumptions numbered as I and II. Read the statement and find which of the given assumptions is implicit:
Statement: To attend a convocation ceremony scheduled to be held on Thursday at GM University, Chennai, Mr. X left for Chennai on Tuesday by train.

I. Mr. X may reach home on Saturday.

II. Mr. X may reach the University on Wednesday.


  • Assumption II is implicit

  • Neither assumption I nor Assumption II is implicit

  • Assumption I is implicit.

  • Both Assumption I and Assumption II are implicit.

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Assumption II is implicit


Since he left on Tuesday to attend the meeting on thursday, so second assumption that he may reach on Tuesday or any time before the meeting is correct.

Concept: Statement and Assumption (Entrance Exam)
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