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Statement: the Supreme Court Gave a Judgement that the Maintenance of Old Age Parents is the Responsibility of the Married Girls If They Do Not Have Brothers. - Logical Reasoning

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In the following question, it has a statement followed by two conclusion. Taking the statement to be true, decide which of the given conclusions definitely follows from the given statement. Indicate your answer as

Statement: The Supreme Court gave a judgement that the maintenance of old age parents is the responsibility of the married girls if they do not have brothers.


I. Constitution is always interpreted to help oppressed people out.

II. Before the Supreme Court gave the verdict, a married girl must have denied paying for the maintenance to her parents.


  • if only I follows.

  • if only II follows.

  • if neither I, nor II follows.

  • if both I and II follow

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if only II follows.


Conclusion I does not follow from the statement. It cannot be generalized to say that the constitution is interpreted always to help oppressed people. Moreover, the statement is about Supreme Court and not about interpretation of the constitution. Conclusion II definitely follows. There has to be some observation on the part of The Supreme Court to give the judgment.

Concept: Critical Reasoning (Entrance Exam)
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