Statement: the Employer Has a Right to Reject the Application of Any Candidate for Employment Without Assigning Any Reason While Short Listing for Interview. - Logical Reasoning

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In the question a statement is followed by two assumptions. These assumptions may or may not be implicit in the statement. Select your response in accordance with the following code.

Statement: The employer has a right to reject the application of any candidate for employment without assigning any reason while shortlisting for interview.

Assumption I: The employer is impartial and believes in transparency in employment practices.

Assumption II: The employer wants to call only those candidates for interview, who in his opinion are eligible.


  • Only assumption I is implicit 

  • Only assumption II is implicit 

  • Both assumptions I and II are implicitly 

  • Neither of the assumption I and II is implicit

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Both assumptions I and II are implicitly 


None of the Assumptions follow as right to reject entails an employer to reject for any reason. Therefore, "Both assumptions I and II are implicitly" is the correct option.

Concept: Critical Reasoning (Entrance Exam)
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