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Statement: The Eligibility for Appearing in Common Admission Test Cat for Law in the State of X is Now Raised to 70% from Earlier 60% in the Higher Secondary Examination. - Logical Reasoning


In the question is given a  statement followed by two courses of action. On the basis of the information given in the statement, you have to suggest course of action.

StatementThe eligibility for appearing in Common Admission Test CAT for law in the State of X is now raised to 70% from earlier 60% in the Higher Secondary Examination.   

Courses of Action:   
I. Many candidates from the State of X may not appear for CAT this year and may appear from other states.   

II. At pre-examination screening candidates obtaining less than 70% at the Higher Secondary Examination will have to be eliminated.   


  • If only I follows   

  • If only II follows   

  • If both I and II follows  

  • If neither I nor II follows

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If only II follows   


By raising the eligibility from 60% to 70% at pre-examination screening, students obtaining less than 70% at the higher secondary examination will have to be eliminated.

Concept: Statement and Action (Entrance Exam)
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