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Statement: the Availability of Imported Fruits Has Increased in the Indigenous Market and So the Demand for Indigenous Fruits Has Decreased. Courses of Action to Help the Indigenous Sellers of Fruits, - Logical Reasoning


In the following question, a statement is followed by two courses of action numbered I and II. Assume everything in the statement to be true. Decide which of the suggested courses of action logically follow(s) for pursuing.

Statement: The availability of imported fruits has increased in the indigenous market and so the demand for indigenous fruits has decreased.

Courses of Action :

  1. To help the indigenous sellers of fruits, the Government should impose high import duty on imported fruits, even if the local ones are of poor quality.
  2. The fruit vendors should stop selling imported fruits so that the demand for indigenous fruits would be increased.


  • If only course of action I follows

  • If neither course of action I nor II follows

  • If only course of action II follows

  • If both courses of action I and II follow

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If neither course of action I nor II follows
It seems that indigenous fruit producers can be helped by 1, as people will buy cheaper fruits if the quality is the same. However, this does not mean that the demand of indigenous fruit will go up as people could still prefer the imported fruit if it is of a better quality.ii is difficult to implement, as voluntarily why should a fruit seller harm his own business. Thus, neither course of action follows

Concept: Statement and Action (Entrance Exam)
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