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Statement: Should the Death Sentence Be Abolished? - Logical Reasoning


In the following question, one statement is followed by two arguments (a) and (b) one supporting and the other against it.

Statement: Should the death sentence be abolished?

(a) Yes - The death sentence deprives the culprit of all chances of improving his behaviour.
(b) No - Capital punishment restrains criminal tendency.


  • if only argument (a) is strong

  • if only argument (b) is strong

  • If either (a) or (b) is strong

  • If both (a) and (b) is strong

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If either (a) or (b) is strong


If we examine both the arguments, they are true independently depending on the individual situations.  Hence, 'If either (a) or (b) is strong' is correct. 

Concept: Statement and Arguments (Entrance Exam)
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