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Statement: Should the Age of Marriage Be Raised to 25 Years for Boys and 21 for Girls? - Logical Reasoning


Given below is some statement followed by two arguments. Read carefully and decide which of the arguments strongly support the statement.

Statement: Should the age of marriage be raised to 25 years for boys and 21 for girls?


(i) No, it is difficult to change a social practice in Indian conditions.

(ii) Yes, by that age people develop a sense of responsibility and also complete their education.


  • Argument (i) is strong.

  • Argument (ii) is strong.

  • Both (i) and (ii) are strong.

  • Neither (i) nor (ii) is strong.

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Argument (ii) is strong.


Here, only argument II is strong. It is fair to say that people are mature and responsible for this age and then they should get married. The inability to changing a social practice does not justify its existence. Hence, argument I is weak. 'Argument (ii) is strong' is correct.

Concept: Statement and Arguments (Entrance Exam)
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