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Statement: Should Students’ Union in Colleges and Universities Be Abolished? - Logical Reasoning

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Given below is some statement followed by two arguments. Read carefully and decide which of the arguments strongly support the statement.

Statement: Should students’ union in colleges and universities be abolished?


(i) Yes, it detracts students from academic and career development.

(ii) No, all great leaders have been students’ union leaders.


  • Argument (i) is strong.

  • Argument (ii) is strong.

  • Both (i) and (ii) are strong.

  • Neither (i) nor (ii) is strong.

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Argument (i) is strong.


Argument I is strong since it talks about the distraction of students from academic pursuits. Students come to colleges primarily to study. Hence, any distraction in the same would kill the purpose of such an institution. So, 'Argument (i) is strong.' is the correct choice.

Concept: Statement and Arguments (Entrance Exam)
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