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Statement: Should Internal Assessment in Colleges and Universities Be Abolished? - Logical Reasoning


Given below is some statement followed by two arguments. Read carefully and decide which of the arguments strongly support the statement.

Statement: Should internal assessment in colleges and universities be abolished?


(i) Yes, this will eliminate the possibility of favoritism.

(ii) No, teaching faculty will lose control over the students and this would adversely affect their academic growth.


  • Argument (i) is strong.

  • Argument (ii) is strong.

  • Both (i) and (ii) are strong.

  • Neither (i) nor (ii) is strong

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Both (i) and (ii) are strong.


Both arguments here are equally strong. Argument I talks about the possibility of favoritism which is a major issue. It may beat the entire purpose of assessing students; questions on its fairness can be raised. Argument II is strong because it is very important for the teaching faculty to have some control over the assessment of students. Thus, 'Both (i) and (ii)' is the correct answer.

Concept: Statement and Arguments (Entrance Exam)
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