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Statement: Should Government Jobs in Rural Areas Have More Incentives? - Logical Reasoning


The question below contains a Statement and two Arguments I and II. Assume the statement to be true, choose the Argument which is strong using the Code below.

Statement: Should government jobs in rural areas have more incentives?

I. Yes. Incentives are essential for attracting government servants there.
II. No. Rural areas are already cheaper, healthier and less complex than big. So, why offer extra incentives!


  • If only argument I is strong. 

  • If only argument II is strong. 

  • If either argument I or II is strong. 

  • f neither argument I or II is strong.

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If either argument I or II is strong. 


Both arguments are strong. Argument I gives the reason for offering more incentives. Argument II gives the reason for not increasing the incentives. 

Concept: Statement and Arguments (Entrance Exam)
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