Maharashtra State BoardHSC Commerce 12th Board Exam
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Statement with Reasons Whether the Following Statement is True Or False:According to Taylor, There Should Be Scientific Selection and Training of Employees. - Organisation of Commerce and Management

Statement with reasons whether the following statement is True or False:

According to Taylor, there should be scientific selection and training of employees.

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This statement is True.
Reasons :
1. According to 'Scientific Selection, Training and Development of workers' principle stated by F.W. Taylor, the
selection process of employees should be systematic and scientific.
2. The physical, mental and technical or other qualities required for the job should be clearly defined to make selection easier.

3. The employers should be selected on the basis of tests and interviews. They should be trained from time to
time to review in the job.
4. The manager should provide opportunities for development of workers having better capabilities so that
they work with maximum efficiency.

Concept: Principles of Taylor’s Scientific Management
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