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Statement: One of the Problems Facing the Food Processing Industry is the Irregular Supply of Raw Material. the Producers of Raw Materials Are Not Getting a Reasonable Price. - Logical Reasoning

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The question below contains a Statement and two Courses of Action I and II. Assuming the statement to be true, decide which of the two suggested Course of Action logically follows, using the Code given below.

Statement: One of the problems facing the food processing industry is the irregular supply of raw material. The producers of raw materials are not getting a reasonable price.

Courses of Action:

I. The government should regulate the supply of raw material to other industries also.

II. The government should announce an attractive package to ensure regular supply of raw material for food processing industry.


  • If only I follow.

  • If only II follow.

  • If either I or II follow.

  • If neither I nor II follow.

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If only II follow.


The question statement highlights the problem of the food processing industry. II is the course of action that will help solve the problem raised in the question statement. A course of action I is far-fetched. 

Concept: Statement and Action (Entrance Exam)
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