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Statement: of All the Television Sets Manufactured in India, the ‘Solar’ Brand Has the Largest Sale in India Conclusions: the Volume of Sales of All the Brands of Television Sets Manufactured in Ind - Logical Reasoning


Read the information given and answer the question that follows.
Statement: Of all the television sets manufactured in India, the ‘Solar’ brand has the largest sale in India

  1. The volume of sales of all the brands of television sets manufactured in India is known.
  2. The production of no other television set in India is as large as that of ‘Solar’.


  • Conclusion I follows

  • Conclusion II follows

  • Both I and II follow

  • Either I or II follows

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There is no mention about the production being the highest. Another brand which exports its products/TV can have higher production the only reference is w.r.t the production being the highest, which is only possible if the data pertaining to all the competitors and 'Solar' brand is available.
Thus, only option Conclusion I follows is correct.

Concept: Syllogism
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