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Statement: Light up Company Has Rejected First Lot Of Switches Supplied by Company Abc and Has Cancelled Its Huge Order Quoting Use of Inferior-quality Material and Poor Craftsmanship. - Logical Reasoning

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In the question is given a  statement followed by two courses of action. On the basis of the information given in the statement you have to suggest  course of action.

StatementLight Up company has rejected first lot of switches supplied by company ABC and has cancelled its huge order quoting use of inferior-quality material and poor craftsmanship.

Courses of Action:   
I. The company ABC needs to investigate the functioning  of its purchase, production and quality control departments.   
II. The company ABC should inspect all the valves rejected by Light Up company.   


  • If only I follows

  • If only II follows

  • If both I and II follows 

  • If neither I nor II follows 

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If both I and II follows 


Whenever a huge order of any exporting company is canceled quoting the inferior quality material and poor craftsmanship. The company should inspect its quality control department, is a product and investigate the function of its purchase and also the company should inspect all the values rejected by a demanding company.

Concept: Statement and Action (Entrance Exam)
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