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Statement: Has the Medical Science Really Lengthened the Span of Life? Argument I: Yes, the New Drugs Have Been Able to Combat the Diseases and Increases the Span of Life. - Logical Reasoning


In the question a statement is given followed by two arguments numbered I and II. Mark the answer as:
Statement: Has the Medical Science really lengthened the span of life?
Argument I: Yes, the new drugs have been able to combat the diseases and increases the span of life.
Argument II: No, the eternal truth that every person's days are numbered cannot be denied.


  • If only argument I is strong

  • If only argument II is strong

  • If both the arguments are strong

  • If neither I nor II is strong

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Medical science has really lengthened the span of life as innovation of new drugs has been able to curb diseases and other fatal ailments and have thereby increased longevity. Argument 1 is strong. Argument II is true in general but not at all related to the main statement, hence rejected.
Argument 1 is strong.

Concept: Statement and Arguments (Entrance Exam)
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