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Statement: Any Student Who is Caught Red-handed Using Unfair Means Discredits His Parents and Teachers. - Logical Reasoning

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The question given below has a  statement followed by two conclusions I and II. Consider the statement and the following conclusions. Decide which of the conclusions follow from the statement.

Any student who is caught red-handed using unfair means discredits his parents and teachers. 
I. Such students try to show that their teachers don't teach properly in the class.   
II. Stringent actions must be taken against such students. 


  • if conclusion I follows 

  • if conclusion II follows 

  • If both conclusions I and II follow 

  • If neither conclusion 1 follows nor II follows

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if conclusion II follows 


'if conclusion II follows ' can be concluded as stringent actions must be taken against students who discredit their parents and teachers by using unfair means.

Concept: Critical Reasoning (Entrance Exam)
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