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Statement 1: All Pingos Are Byronic. - Logical Reasoning


Statement 1: All pingos are Byronic.

Statement 2: Shalisto is byronic.

Statement 3: Therefore_________.

Fill in the blank.


  • Shalisto is a pingo

  • Shalisto is not a pingo

  • Shalisto is not byronic

  • None of the above

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None of the above


According to the diagram drawn below, both pingos and Shalisto are subsets of Byronic but they do not necessarily intersect each other. Therefore, none of the options given in 'Shalisto is a pingo', 'Shalisto is not a pingo' and 'Shalisto is not byronic' follow. 'None of the above' is correct.

Concept: Critical Reasoning (Entrance Exam)
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