State your Opinion. Indian rulers showed lack of foresight by giving permissions to Europeans to build Factories. - History

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Indian rulers showed a lack of foresight by giving permission to Europeans to build Factories.



  1. The Portuguese, the Dutch, the British, and the French were the four major European powers who arrived in India to establish their trade links and subsequently held colonial possessions.
  2. Major well as minor conflicts among them often took place from time to time for commercial and political supremacy.
  3. Colonial forts were primarily built for the purposes of defense and commerce.
  4. Gradually, they spread their influence and might over the region they fortified.
  5. Some of these developed into fort cities and others became ports of commercial value or spaces of respite during attacks.
  6. As the struggle for supremacy intensified. So, The European companies started maintaining ships, soldiers, guns, swords, installed canons. Also, European companies started building a strong naval force and construction of sea forts.
  7. Immediate measures were not taken by indian rulers in this direction.
  8. The Marathas were the only Indian rulers to adopt a policy of resistance against the European colonizers.
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Chapter 3: India and European Colonialism - State your Opinion

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