State your opinion. India has always opposed colonialism. - History

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India has always opposed colonialism.

India has always taken a stand against colonialism.



  1. India is acknowledged as a great democracy in the world.
  2. After independence, India adopted the policy of active non-alignment in international politics.
  3. India would always strive to establish global peace.
  4. India would not tolerate foreign intervention in her internal matters. India shall respect the regional unity and sovereignty of other countries.
  5. India emphasises on the principle of 'live and let live supported by peaceful co-existence.
  6. For e.g. in the post-independence period in 1949, a conference was held in Delhi in which support was declared to the issue of Indonesia's independence. It was demanded that the Dutch should leave Indonesia before 1950 and grant its independence.
  7. The position India took in the case of Africa, is also very important. India took a strong initiative in demanding independence of African countries especially the protectorates of European nations.
  8. India insisted that the foreign rulers (colonialist European countries) should leave the colonies.
  9. India cared about Africa because of its long-standing relations with African countries.
  10. Mahatma Gandhi showed Africa the path to satyagraha for independence.
  11. Thus, India had been at the forefront of the struggle against colonialism.
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