Maharashtra State BoardHSC Commerce 12th Board Exam
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State with Reasons, Whether the Following Statement is True Or False: Consumer Protection Act is Not a Blessing for the Consumers. - Organisation of Commerce and Management

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Answer in Brief
True or False

State with reasons, whether the following statement is True or False:

Consumer Protection Act is not a blessing for the consumers.


  • True

  • False

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This Statements is False.

Reasons: The consumer protection Act, 1986 has recognised six rights of the consumers:

(i) Right to safety.

(ii) Right to be informed.

(iii) Right to choose.

(iv) Right to be heard.

(v) Right to redress and

(vi) Right to consumer education.

This act is a blessing for the consumers.

  1. In India, a large number of consumers are not educated, ignorant, indifferent etc. Therefore, they are not aware about the goods that are available in the market, quality, price, term and sale etc.
  2. Since most of the consumers are not educated they do not know their rights and duties and they get cheated and exploited.
  3. Therefore, a consumer movement is necessary because you are able to guide and educate them about their rights, duties, marketing procedures, quality standards, availability of credit etc. Such information can be given by seminars, exhibitions, demonstrations, film shows etc.
  4. Consumer movement is necessary to fight against the malpractices of businessman, monopolistic tendencies, injustice to the consumers and to protect the consumer’s right in a peaceful manner.
  5. Thus, Consumer Protection Act is a blessing for the consumers.
Concept: Consumer Protection Act 1986 (COPRA)
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