Maharashtra State BoardHSC Arts 12th Board Exam
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State with Reason Whether You 'Agree' Or 'Disagree' with the Following Statement. - Economics

True or False

State with reason whether you 'agree' or 'disagree' with the following statement.

Supply depends on several factors.


  • Agree 

  • Disagree

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I do agree with the statement.

There are various factors that influence the supply of a commodity in the market. The factors or determinants that influence market supply are a follows:

1. Price of the commodity: The supply of a commodity is directly related to its price. Generally, more quantity of a commodity is offered for sale at higher price, and less quantity is offered for sale at a lower price.

2.  Availability of inputs: -The supply is affected by the availability of inputs for production. If there is shortage of inputs in the market, the production would be less, and therefore, the supply would be lower.

3.  Cost of production:- A rise in production cost may reduce the supply in the market, especially, when higher costs are not viable (possible), and a fall in production cost may induce the producer to produce more and accordingly supply more in the market.

4. Nature of the Market:
-Supply of a commodity is influenced by the nature of a market. In a highly competitive market, the supply may be higher. In a monopoly market the supply may be lower.

5. Distribution Facilities: -The supply is influenced by distribution facilities. For instance, if there is a good network of transport and warehousing facilities, the supply can be more and vice versa.

6. Nature of Workforce:-The supply is influenced by the nature of workforce available to the producers. If the workforce is competent and dedicated, then the production would be higher,

7. Technology: - The type of technology used by producers influences the production. Modern technology not only improves the quality, but also the quantity of production.

8. Size of the Market: -The size of the market greatly influences the supply. Larger the size of the market, there will be more production, and more will be the supply and vice versa.

9. Future expectation: -Expectations about the future price will affect the supply. If the price is expected to rise in the future, the producers may hold on to the stock, rather than supplying it in the market. This will reduce the supply in the market for the time being.
Concept: Supply Curve and Schedule
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