State whether right or wrong: Migration is more towards urban areas. - Geography


State whether right or wrong:

Migration is more towards urban areas.


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Concept: Migration
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Chapter 2: Population : Part - 2 - State whether right or wrong:


SCERT Maharashtra Question Bank 12th Standard HSC Geography Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 2 Population : Part - 2
State whether right or wrong: | Q 2


Give a geographical reason:

Migration is not always permanent.

Differentiate between:

Donor region and Recipient region.

Some tribes travel seasonally in search of fodder, this is called ______.

State whether right or wrong:

Various problems are developing in cities due to migration.

State whether right or wrong:

Region loses its self-sufficiency due to migration.

Differentiate between

Push and Pull factors of migration

Differentiate between

Emergency migration and Permanent migration

Which one of the following is the main reason for male migration in India?

Identify the main reason for male/female selective migration.

Who wrote these lines:

What work was done by Indian Migrants in West Indies?

The migrants in India (2001 census) are ____________.

Which of the following cities, who receives the highest no. of migrants?

Do you know the legislation for migrants in Europe, the USA, and Australia?

When was for the first time migration recorded in the Census of India?

When was the first major modification introduced in Census by bringing in two additional components – the place of birth and duration of residence?

As per the 2011 census, how many people have migrated to India from other countries?

How many remittances, does India receive from international migrates?

Which of the following information was added in the 1981 census?

According to Census of India, migration is enumerated on which of the following basis?

In which of the following streams of migration, females pre-dominate in both intra-state and inter-state migration?

Which one of the following region has the highest migrant population?

Actually migration was recorded from the very beginning of the first census of India conducted in:-

Name the regions from which early migrants came to India in early history?

Greater Mumbai has the highest share of migrant population. It is due to following reasons:

Components of migration recorded in the census of India is/are:-

Which of the following was the major modification associated to migration introduced by the Government of lndia in the Census 1961?

Which of the following is not an example of Pull factor of migration in India?

Which year onwards, the third wave of migration started in which doctors, engineers, financial experts migrated to countries like Canada, UK and USA?

Consider the following statements and choose the correct option from the given options.

  1. Migration has a deep impact on the status of women.
  2. Migration of women for education and employment gives them more freedom and role in economy, however, it increases their vulnerability.

If people migrate to a region, the population of the region will ______.

Distinguish between:

Short term migration and Long term migration.

Write short note on.

Classification of migration by duration.


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