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State Whether the Following Statements Are True Or False: (1) the Author'S New House Was Situated at Bangalore. (2) the Writer Was Delighted Because Their New House, Was the Biggest They Ever Lived. - English

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A1. True or False
State whether the following statements are true or false: 
(1) The author's new house was situated at Bangalore.
(2) The writer was delighted because their new house, was the biggest they ever lived.

One of the advantages of growing up in an Army household was the frequency with which we moved. 'Postings' came with predictable regularity every three years. What was unpredictable and therefore exciting was the suspense. Where would we go this time? Ambala, Pune, Dehradun, Allahabad, Tejpur, Bangalore, Yo! ............ In my short span of thirteen years we had moved lock. stock and barrel eleven times!
Every move meant change. New journeys, new places, new schools, my new books, new uniforms, new friends and new houses. We lived in tents, bashas, Nissen huts, flats and bungalows. No matter what the shape and size of the dwelling, mother soon put her own special stamp on it and transformed it into a familiar place - our home - complete with bright yellow-curtains, coffee-brown carpet, assorted pictures, hanging ferns and potted palms - providing a comforting sense of continuity in our essentially nomadic life.
I was thirteen, the year we moved to the Cantonment at Allahabad. In stark contrast to the razzle-dazzle of the city's commercial areas like Katra and Chowk, the Cantonment was a quiet, orderly place with broad tree-lined roads that still carried the names of long-dead Britishers. Our bungalow was on a sleepy by-lane called MacPherson Road. When we first saw it, my brothers and I were delighted. It was by far the biggest house we had ever lived in. The task of furnishing those huge, echoing rooms daunted Mother.

A2. Complete 
a. The broad tree-lined roads were named after.............................
b. Katra and Chowk are .............................
c. Mother was daunted with the task of................................. .
d. The suspense was exciting because the posting was.........................

A3. Personal response
What do you think are the problems faced by those who change households frequently.

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(1) False. The author’s new house was situated in Allahabad.
(2) True

(1) long-dead Britishers
(2) the city’s commercial areas.
(3) furnishing those huge, echoing rooms.
(4) unpredictable

People who change houses frequently do not experience a sense of stability. It is difficult for them to have a sense of belongingness to a location as they move frequently. They are unable to make permanent friends. Finally, their education experiences various ups and downs as they are transferred from one institution to the other from time to time.

Concept: Reading Skill (Textual)
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