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State What Would You Observe If (A) Sugar is Added to Pebbles Take in a Plastic Beaker (B) Sand is Added to Glass Balls in a Beaker. What Would You Conclude from this Imaginative Demonstration? - Chemistry

Answer in Brief

State what would you observe if

(a) sugar is added to pebbles take in a plastic beaker
(b) sand is added to glass balls in a beaker.  What would you conclude from this imaginative demonstration?

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Experiment: Add sugar to pebbles taken in a plastic beaker or sand to glass balls in a beaker.

Observation: The sugar or the sand goes into the space between the pebbles & the glass balls respectively.

Conclusion: An imaginative demonstration to show that intermolecular spaces between particles are occupied easily.

Concept: States of Matter
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Selina Class 6 Selina Concise Chemistry
Chapter 3 Matter
Additional Questions for Practice | Q 9
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