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State the Types of Co-operative Society - Organisation of Commerce and Management

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State the Types of co-operative society

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Introduction: -Co-operative societies are classified into different types according to the nature of the services rendered by them. Following are the main types of co-operative societies.

  1. Consumer co-operative societies: - Consumer's co-operative societies make their purchase in bulk form wholesalers and supply them in small quantities to members at very reasonable prices and also provide various services to them. Members are given bonus and share in profits in proportion to their investment.
  1. Credit co-operative societies: -It is formed with the objective of granting loans to members at a reasonable rate of interest for productive as well as no-productive purpose. They may be established in rural areas by agriculturist or artisans called as credit societies or by salary earners or industrial workers in urban areas, called as urban banks, salary earner's societies, worker's societies.
  1. Producer's co-operative societies: -Producer's co-operative societies are also called industrial co-operative which provide raw material, implement tools, technical guidance, to the members on easy terms so that they can produce superior quality products.
  1. Marketing co-operative societies: - Marketing co-operative societies undertake centralized sale of the products produced by their members. They perform all the marketing functions standardizing, grading, branding, packing, advertising, transportation etc. and after selling the product, distribute the proceeds among members depending upon the quantity sold for each member.
  1. Farming co-operative societies: -These societies are formed by farmers who voluntarily come together and pool their land to jointly conduct agricultural operation using scientific methods of cultivation.
  1. Housing co-operative societies: - Housing co-operative societies purchase land and develop it. co-operative housing societies are formed by members for the construction and maintenance of building for residential purpose o ownership basis.
Concept: Concept of Cooperative Societies
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