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State Two Applications of Ultrasound. - Physics

Short Note

State two applications of ultrasound. 

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Solution 1

Two applications of ultrasound:

(i) Ultrasound is used for drilling holes or making cuts of desired shape in materials like glass.

(ii) Ultrasound is used in surgery to remove cataract and in kidneys to break the small stones into fine grains.

Solution 2

Applications of Ultrasonic sound
(i) Ultrasonic sound is used to detect the flaws in metal castings of automobile tyres.
(ii) It is used in hospitals to detect defects in certain parts of the body.

Concept: Infrasonic, Sonic, Ultrasonic Frequencies and Their Applications
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Chapter 8 Propagation of Sound Waves
Exercise 8 (B) | Q 12 | Page 185
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Range of Hearing | Q 9 | Page 284
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