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State the role of NGOs and consumer protection.



The main aim of these NGOs is to study the trend of prices in the market and publish them for the information of consumers and to agitate against the malpractices of traders.
Role of Consumer organizations & NGOs in Consumer protection and Education:

  1. To organize campaigns and various programs on consumer issues to create social awareness.
  2. To organize training programs for the consumers and make them conscious of their rights and modes of redressal of their grievances.
  3. To publish periodicals to enlighten the consumers about various consumer-related developments.
  4. To provide free legal advice to members on matters of consumer interest and help them to take up grievances.
  5. To interact with businessmen and Chambers of Commerce and Industry for ensuring a better deal for consumers.
  6. To file Public Interest Litigation on important consumer issues, such as a ban on a product injurious to public health.
Concept: Role of Consumer Organisations and NGO's
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Chapter 7: Consumer Protection - Exercise [Page 149]

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