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State the Impact of Green House Gases on Geographic, Climatic and Agricultural Conditions. - Chemistry

Short Note

State the impact of green house gases on geographic, climatic and agricultural conditions.

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Impact of green house gases on:

  1. Geographic conditions is global warming
    Increases melting of ice-caps.
    Coastal flooding and erosion.
  2. Climatic conditions is tropical regions experience – more rainfall Northern latitudes experience – shorter and wetter winters.
  3. Agricultural conditions is affects the life cycle of trees and survival and reproduction of plants.
    The soil fertility and amount of soil water retained in the soil.
Concept: Sources of Greenhouse Gases and Ways of Reducing Their Presence in the Atmosphere
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Viraf J. Dalal Class 9 Simplified ICSE Chemistry
Chapter 8 Atmospheric Pollution
Additional Questions | Q 21
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